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Key outputs of the XIII National LGBTI Conference of Ukraine

Julian Denysenko
Written by Julian Denysenko

On November 5-7, the XIII National LGBTI Conference of Ukraine took place, which was held online for the first time and included 58 speakers with more than 30 presentations on working with LGBTI people and author’s events. Interest in this year’s Conference was expressed by people not only from Ukraine, but also from more than 11 other countries around the world.  (about 230 were officially registered)

Thanks to the intensive content and convenient online format, this year’s conference, which was held under the slogan “Time of Limitations – an Age of Opportunity”, was remembered by all participants who actively participated in the event, asked questions and shared their impressions using the hashtag #13NC2020.

The carefully selected, expert and surprisingly balanced content of the Conference was made possible by the diligent work of the organizing and technical committee and the invited speakers. At the beginning of the conference, Oksana Dobroskok, a specialist in regional advocacy and community building at ALLIANCE GLOBAL, spoke about the results of the mini-grant competition of the XII National LGBTI Conference, and later spoke about the work done to build leadership and leadership.

Sviatoslav Sheremet, the coordinator for national policy and legislation of our organization and the National MSM Consortium #MSM_PRO, raised the issue of the legal environment for LGBTI people in Ukraine. Sviatoslav stressed that LGBTI is already an important part of public and political life in Ukraine, but the importance of proactive community participation in national advocacy processes remains very, very important. As part of these activities, the Consortium is now advocating for amendments to the Criminal Code to prevent intolerance crimes, in particular SOGI, as well as the introduction of registered civil partnerships in Ukraine.

Yevhene Bilotsky spoke about the activities of paralegal assistance networks for MSM / LGBTI + and vulnerable adolescents in the work of Alliance.Global. Eugene showed that building the capacity of the community to respond independently to the challenges and protect their rights through the actions of the team of the Network of Paralegals is at a very high level and is already able to give a real rebuff to any homophobic threats.

Our Dmytro Kobryn spoke about the experience of the shelter for MSM and transgender people in the new conditions, and Andriy Bogoslavets – about the introduction of innovative interventions to obtain PrEP and HIV testing in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Judging by the activity in the online chat, the guys’ reports were really necessary and relevant for everyone present at the conference.

As part of the third day, Valeria Zubatenko, the manager of the Adolescent Paralegals Network, held a wonderful author’s event “I am an LGBTI teenager. What should I do”? It focused on important issues facing adolescents who, from an early age, are aware of their affiliation with the LGBT community and face various forms of harassment and discrimination from society and their environment. Valeria also moderated a wonderful session on the first day of Human Rights and Freedoms for LGBTI in Ukraine: Monitoring and Protection.

ALLIANCE GLOBAL and the National MSM Consortium #MSM_PRO are extremely pleased with the course and results of this year’s LGBTI conference. We continue to work on summarizing and preparing the final resolution of the conference, and very soon we will return to you with the sharpest and most controversial issues raised in the west, to once again immerse ourselves in that incredible atmosphere, and perhaps find even more new layers. to work in the next interconference year!


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Julian Denysenko