Model OCF + CITI

“Improving detection of HIV infection among MSM and case management of HIV + MSM”
Project implementation: May 2017 – April 2019

Donor name: Sponsored by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Alliance of Public Health ICF

Purpose of the project: The project objective is to support the expansion of HIV treatment among HIV-positive MSM by effectively detecting HIV infection in the community and providing social support using case management approach.

The objectives of the project are as follows:
– Facilitate the development of a behavior model among project clients that will allow them to maintain their health and, at the same time, act as agents of changing behavior of social norms in the community;
– Provide services to support the testing process for HIV infection by project clients;
– Redirect project clients to other social and medical services and projects that provide services in the region according to the needs of clients;
– Case management, which includes confirmation of the positive result of the rapid HIV test in the WHO, the setting up of the AIDS in connection with HIV infection, the promotion of diagnosis and timely referral for treatment, the onset of ART;
– Motivation, attraction and support of HIV-negative sexual partners of HIV-positive MSM to the program of contact-prevention prophylaxis in order to prevent HIV infection.

Supported by Alliance for Public Health and CDC