Para-legal help

Do you violate your rights because of your sexual orientation? Discriminating against HIV status? Do you feel bullying from your colleagues? Has he been physically or psychologically abusive through his own gender identity?

The network of para-legals of the public organization “ALLIANCE. GLOBAL” is ready to provide you professional help absolutely for free!

Who is such para-legal?
This is a person from your community who does not have legal education, but she has got the knowledge and skills to qualitatively protect your rights. Para-legals help is free and anonymous. The paranutier guarantees that he will not disclose information about you and will not pass it on to anyone else. The team of para-legals is co-ordinated by an experienced lawyer, a candidate of legal sciences, so you can always come in for help!

The Para-legal will help if:
You are denied or incompletely provided with medical assistance, dismissed from work or lowered due to your orientation, HIV status or gender identity;
You are faced with discrimination at work, in education, in the service sector, in public authorities or in medical institutions
representatives of law enforcement agencies violate your rights or do not fulfill your obligations regarding your protection
you become a victim of physical or mental violence
Your personal information has been illegally collected and distributed.

How para-legal can help? Provide advice in case of violation of your rights, write a statement or appeal, bring a lawsuit, go with you to law enforcement agencies or contact professional colleagues!

Look for contacts of para-legals guys in your city:
Vitaliy +380637412321
David +380508509406
Yuriy +380674672440

Vyacheslav +380965388893

Krivoy Rog
Henry +380679093807

Volodymyr +380960432121

Konstantin +380992878505

Igor +380969387395

Oleg +380660992748

Andrey +380632962735

George +380992204465

Vasyl +380660280371

Did not find your city, could not get in touch with your para-legal or need urgent help?
Call to the network manager, he will always help: +380665964906

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