PrEP – InfoCampaign

PrEP (PrEP, proximal prophylaxis of HIV) is a way of receiving the same drugs used for the treatment of HIV infection in order to reduce the likelihood of infection in situations with an increased risk of HIV infection.

The clients of the “ALLIANCE.GLOBAL” public organization were the first in Ukraine to take advantage of the free services of PrEP.

Starting in 2017, during the Fast Track program we launched first 100 PrEP courses in Kiev for men who have sex with men (with the support of Alliance for Public Health and CDC)

Since 2019, the pilot project has grow into a national program, and the public organization “ALLIANCE. GLOBAL” has launched an information campaign.

PrEP National program supported by Alliance for Public Health

At the end of 2018 ALLIANCE.GLOBAL decide to start National Informational Campaign about PrEP.
MSM who wish to take part in an all-Ukrainian innovation project of prevention, can apply via representations of the organization or via the information resource

The resource is constantly updated by important articles on the subject of PrEP, including recent research and statistics from around the world.

In 2019 PrEP informational campaign has been support by Aidsfonds:

In 2020 PrEP informational campaign has been support by MPact Global Action:

ALLINACE.GLOBAL understand a big role the PrEP for ending HIV epidemic and plan to continue informational campaigns in 2021.