PrEP is a pill that prevents HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) from infecting your body.
PrEP – pills that are taken a certain time before sexual contact.

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Providing access to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) services – it`s use the ART drugs by persons with HIV-negative status is a recognized means of HIV prevention among people at risk of HIV infection. PrEP becomes an important expedient element in reducing the risk of HIV transmission in those people who use condoms periodically.

Conducted studies in the world have proven the effectiveness of oral PrEP among MSM and indicate that with daily use of the drug, the level of HIV transmission decreases to more than 99%. Under conditions of high adherence, the practice of PrEP belongs to the WHO (World Health Organization) recommended interventions for people who have a significant risk of HIV infection.

PO “ALLIANCE.GLOBAL” was the first in Ukraine (with the support of the “Alliance for Public Health” ICF and the Kyiv City AIDS Center) to conduct a pilot project on the implementation of PrEP in Kyiv among MSM/TG for 100 courses in 2018, and since 2019, Organization implements national program.
As of 2022, the organization provides services for social support in receiving PrEP in 9 regions:
– Kyiv
– Kyiv region
– Lviv
– Kharkiv
– Dnipro
– Uzhgorod
– Ivano-Frankivsk
– Chernivtsi
– Chernihiv

In the process of receiving PrEP, the organization provides HIV testing, Hepatitis B testing, and determination of creatinine clearance.
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