UAGUYS +: Support group for HIV + MSM

PO “ALLIANCE.GLOBAL” with the support of SOLIDARITE SIDA since January 2016 conducts self-help groups for HIV-positive gay men and bisexual men “UAGuys +”.


The group is targeted at people with HIV-positive status and those who have recently received it and is based on the principle of “peer-to-peer” (all members of the group and facilitator have HIV-positive status).

The main slogan of “UAGuys +” group – “HIV: life goes on!”

Why do you need to participate in this group? Participation in the group will allow:

  • Get the moral support you need lt.
  • converse with people who are facing the same problems;
  • discuss support or partnership issues;
  • prepare for the possible consequences / risks of disclosing your HIV status;
  • Find out what kind of commitment to ARV therapy is and why it’s important to stick to it.
  • How to take care of your health and protect your partner
  • Find new friends and associates
  • receive individual psychological counseling if necessary
  • Have a great time.
  • The main advantage of participation in this group is the comfort and freedom to choose the venue (the participants discuss and elect the place of the next meeting together). The group is held once a week (Saturday or Sunday).The dynamics and process of conducting groups is supervised by a psychologist of the organization.

    Get more information and sign up for the group at Timur’s facilitator:

    Viber / telegram: 0930960106