Get Test – InfoCampaign

Get Test is a social project aimed at providing access for men who have sex with men (MSM) to services for the prevention and diagnosis of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The focus on the target audience is due to the fact that in Ukraine, MSM remain the only social group in which the HIV epidemic continues to grow, not falling. Significant factors that can improve the situation are regular tests and timely diagnosis. That’s why our friendly test points work across the country, and quick tests are anonymous, reliable, and absolutely free.

We are convinced that safety and enjoyment complement each other, and avoid potential negative health effects – it’s easy.

The testing team is a highly skilled health and social worker who often combines the duties of medical, social workers and psychologists. And the project is implemented with the support of international non-governmental organizations, since Get Test is part of the global movement for the health of men who have sex with men. Our resource allows you to quickly register for the test, as well as keep up to date with important topics and topical news, which we talk about in the “Materials” section, as well as in social pages.

Supported by Alliance for Public Health
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