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Public Organization “ALLIANCE.GLOBAL” specializes in providing services for HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among men who have sex with men (MSM), focused on the progress and consolidation of LGBTIQ+ community; protection of human rights and promoting the reduction of homo-, bi- and transphobia in Ukrainian society.

Legally “Alliance.Global” was registered in October 2002. Since then, the organization conducted over 80 projects and studies among LGBTQ+. Today, the main activities of the organization are focused on the provision of priority humanitarian and financial aid during the war, the operation of shelters for LGBTIQ+, the provision of public health services for MSM and LGBTIQ+, development of community centers and other “safe spaces” for LGBTIQ+, protection of human rights and conducting of the national advocacy for access of LGBTIQ+ to rights and health.

Educational, informational, entertainment and thematic events in the community centers are focused on the development of the individual potential of each MSM/LGBTIQ+ representative. The physical health and psychological well-being of all MSM/LGBTQ+ are the key principles of ALLIANCE.GLOBAL.

Our advocacy work is in the field of health and rights of MSM/LGBTQ+ people on the national and local levels, mobilization and strengthening of leadership and organizational capacity of LGBTQ+, which is implemented since January 2018 within the National LGBTI Consortium. The activities of this Consortium are conducted by four public organizations working on the terms of significant participation of LGBTIQ+ people. The main priority advocacy tasks of the Consortium today are the introduction of registered civil partnerships (RCP) in Ukraine, amendments to the Criminal Code to prevent hate crimes, in particular in the context of SOGI, allocation of budget funding for public health services for MSM/LGBTIQ+, development of regional leadership.

Within the framework of the human rights direction of our organization, we have the LGBTIQ+ national paralegal network and operate the paralegal work among other communities such as injected drug users, PLHIV, ex-prisoners, people affected by tuberculosis, and more. Specially trained paralegals provide primary legal assistance in cases of violation of rights based on sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI), HIV status, age, etc., are engaged in media monitoring of attitudes towards LGBTQ+ by decision-makers, right-wing radical groups, etc., and responding to hate speech. Paralegal networks cooperate with a number of human rights organizations such as the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, KyivPride, etc., as well as informational and educational activities for MSM/LGBTIQ+ and others.

From 2016, the creative team of the organization, launched an information campaign “GETTEST” about free testing for HIV and STIs for MSM, which since 2018 has become an all-Ukrainian one. All information about the campaign on the project site www.gettest.com.ua

From 2018, the creative team of the organization launched the 2nd information campaign about nationwide program of innovative HIV prevention (PrEP) in Ukraine. All information about the campaign on the project site www.prep.com.ua.

Considering the situation in Ukraine, which developed after the large-scale invasion of the aggressor, ALLIANCE.GLOBAL pays special attention to the mental/psychological health of representatives of the LGBTIQ+ community. Information on psychological health services can be obtained on the website www.mentalk.com.ua

In 2019, the organization launched the Shelter project for MSM/LGBTIQ+ people in Kyiv. The project oriented toward people who are in difficult living situations or suffering from persecution and discrimination because of SOGI (sexual orientation and or gender identity). More about the project on the organization’s special page http://ga.net.ua/ua/poslugi-organizatsiyi/shelter-dlya-msm-lgbt-2/

Since the beginning of large-scale hostilities in Ukraine caused by the Russian attack on 24 February, our organization has been providing priority humanitarian assistance to LGBTQ+ IDPs (internally displaced persons) and their families in difficult war situations. This assistance consists of individual financial support (including for relocation from zones with active hostilities), providing temporary shelter on the basis of our organization or other NGOs, and humanitarian aid with food, hygiene kits, necessary medicines and more. In addition to the Kyiv shelter, which we restarted at the beginning of 2022, our NGO opened three new shelters in Dnipro and Chernivtsi in March-April 2022, and in Lviv in September 2022, for LGBTIQ+ and their families.

*STI –  Sexually Transmitted Infections

*IDU – Injected drug users
*OST – Opiate substitution treatment, a treatment therapy for those addicted to opiates

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