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NGO “Alliance.Global” specializes in providing services for HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among men who have sex with men (MSM), focused on the progress and consolidation subgroup of gay and bisexual men as part of LGBT community and the community in general; promoting the reduction of homo-, bi- and transphobia in Ukrainian society.


The organization started working in 2001 with a group of activists who, aware of the major risks of MSM in Kyiv launched a public initiative on HIV/STIs. Legally “Alliance.Global” was registered in 2002. Since then, the organization conducted over 20 projects and studies among MSM, which allowed to achieve 40% coverage of MSM population that receives services in HIV/STI prevention in Ukraine.


The organization is constantly evolving and covers all new trends. Today the main activity of “Alliance.Global” is mainly focused on activities of outreach/social work, HIV/STI testing and prevention, development of community centers for MSM and regional advocacy for access of vulnerable groups to health and social services.


Outreach services provide social consulting and distribution of free condoms and lubricants among MSM in popular public places in order to establish direct contact with the target audience.


Testing for HIV/STI is performed in the community center for MSM of NGO “Alliance.Global” and partner medical institutions. The service is free, anonymous and confidential.


Community Center of NGO “Alliance.Global” is based on the principle of “all services in one place.” Here, MSM can receive social consultations, can be tested for HIV/STI by rapid-tests, communicate with other members of the Community Center, can receive psychologist’s consultation. All services are free, anonymous and confidential.


Educational, informational, entertainment and thematic events in the community center are focused on the development of individual potential of each MSM.


Physical health and psychological well-being of all MSM are the key principles of the Community Center and NGO “Alliance.Global”.

Work on capacity building and capability of vulnerable communities implemented by NGO “Alliance.Global” in the direction “Social mobilization, strengthening of ties, cooperation and coordination” among vulnerable groups IDU/OST, sex workers, MSM, former prisoners in 5 regions of Ukraine (Kherson, Vinnytsa, Cherkasy, Kropivnitskiy, Odesa), with the financial support of ACO “All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH” and ICF “International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine”.


As part of the direction “Social mobilization, strengthen ties, cooperation and coordination” held Regional Council of Communities, round tables, seminars, workshops, camps and vulnerable persons involved in the work of the Regional Coordination Councils to combat drug abuse and to counter the spread of HIV / AIDS and others.


The main results in this direction, we expect the allocation of funding from local budgets for prevention of HIV / AIDS among the most vulnerable groups.


Regional Council of communities (RCC) – a consultative and advisory body, that includes leaders and activists of the most groups vulnerable to HIV, which aims to significantly strengthen the capacity of communities through joint advocacy actions, including to increase access to medical and social services to vulnerable communities in the region.

STI –  Sexually Transmitted Infections

IDU – Injected drug users

OST – Opiate substitution treatment, a treatment therapy for those addicted to opiates


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