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PO “ALLIANCE.GLOBAL” specializes in providing services for HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among men who have sex with men (MSM), focused on the progress and consolidation subgroup of gay and bisexual men as part of LGBT community and the community in general; promoting the reduction of homo-, bi- and transphobia in Ukrainian society.

The organization started working in 2001 with a group of activists who, aware of the major risks of MSM in Kyiv launched a public initiative on HIV/STIs. Legally “Alliance.Global” was registered in 2002. Since then, the organization conducted over 50 projects and studies among MSM, which allowed to achieve 40% coverage of MSM population that receives services in HIV/STI prevention in Ukraine.

The organization is constantly evolving and covers all new trends. Today the main activity of “ALLIANCE.GLOBAL” is mainly focused on activities of outreach/social work, HIV/STI testing and prevention, paralegals, development of community centers for MSM and regional advocacy for access of key groups to health and social services.

Outreach services provide social consulting and distribution of free condoms and lubricants among MSM in popular public places in order to establish direct contact with the target audience.

Testing for HIV/STI is performed in the community centers for MSM of PO “Alliance.Global” and partner medical institutions. The service is free, anonymous and confidential.

Community Centers of PO “ALLIANCE.GLOBAL” is based on the principle of “all services in one place.” Here, MSM can receive social consultations, can be tested for HIV/STI by rapid-tests, communicate with other members of the Community Center, can receive psychologist’s consultation. All services are free, anonymous and confidential.

Educational, informational, entertainment and thematic events in the community centers are focused on the development of individual potential of each MSM.

Physical health and psychological well-being of all MSM are the key principles of the Community Centers and PO “ALLIANCE.GLOBAL”.

Our advocacy work is in the field of health and rights of MSM / LGBT people on the national and local levels, mobilization and strengthening of leadership and organizational capacity of MSM, which is implemented since January 2018 within the National MSM Consortium.
The National MSM Consortium #MSM_PRO is a platform for organizational interaction of Ukrainian public leaders representing POs “ALLIANCE.GOBAL”, “LGBT Association LIGA”, “Gay Forum of Ukraine” and “Spectrum Kharkiv”, working to expand rights and human freedoms, as well as ensuring a decent standard of living and high quality services for people at high risk of HIV infection. The activities of the National MSM Consortium are conducted by public organizations working on the terms of significant participation of men who have sex with men.

The main priority advocacy tasks of the Consortium today are the introduction of registered civil partnerships (RCP) in Ukraine, amendments to the Criminal Code to prevent hate crimes, in particular in the context of SOGI, allocation of budget funding for public health services for MSM, development of regional leadership.
Within the framework of the human rights direction of our organization, we have two national paralegal networks: MSM / LGBTQ and adolescents affected by the HIV epidemic. Specially trained paralegals provide primary legal assistance in cases of violation of rights based on sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI), HIV status, age, etc., are engaged in media monitoring of attitudes towards LGBTQ by decision-makers, right-wing radical groups, etc. , and responding to hate speech. Paralegal networks cooperate with a number of human rights organizations such as the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, “KyivPride” PO, the OSCE, etc., as well as informational and educational activities for MSM and vulnerable adolescents.

From 2016, the creative team of the organization, launched an information campaign “GETTEST” about free testing for HIV and STIs for MSM, which since 2018 has become an all-Ukrainian one. All information about the campaign on the project site www.gettest.com.ua

From 2018, the creative team of the organization launched an information campaign about nationwide program of innovative HIV prevention (PrEP) in Ukraine. All information about the campaign on the project site www.prep.com.ua

From 2019, the organization launches the Shelter project for MSM / LGBT people. The project oriented on people who is in difficult living situations or suffering from persecution and discrimination because of SOGI (sexual orientation and or gender identity). More about the project on the organization’s special page http://ga.net.ua/ua/poslugi-organizatsiyi/shelter-dlya-msm-lgbt-2/

*STI –  Sexually Transmitted Infections
*IDU – Injected drug users
*OST – Opiate substitution treatment, a treatment therapy for those addicted to opiates

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