Para-legal Hub

“Para-legal Hub” is on the defense of rights! Free legal aid for all key communities.

“Para-legal Hub” (formerly “Para-Legal Network”) is the holder of all para-legal aid networks for each of the key communities with regard to HIV infection: PLHIV, women living with HIV, former prisoners, MSM/LGBTQ+, sex workers, adolescents living with HIV, people who inject drugs, and people who have TB or have had TB.

Our team has been building national para-legal aid networks across Ukraine for over 3 years.
We are here to defend your rights! And we provide legal aid completely free of charge.

What kind of para-legal aid do we provide?

  • We provide prompt and professional legal evaluation of violations of rights;
  • We consult on available decisions for the restoration of violated rights and further actions to resolve them;
  • Our para-legal professionals prepare primary legal documents with further support or referral for free primary or secondary aid;
  • We provide primary psychological support.

Who are para-legal professionals?

These are people who do not have specialized legal education, but have undergone special training and can provide quality primary legal support in case of rights violations. The name with the prefix “para” was chosen by analogy to “paramedics”, who also provide primary care. Only in our case, this care is legal. Our team has more than 150 para-legal professionals from all regions of Ukraine.

All support by the para-legal network is provided free of charge and confidentially on the principle of “equal to equal”. For example, with adolescents, under the guidance of a professional lawyer, the same adolescents who have undergone special training in providing primary legal aid communicate. And with representatives of the MSM/LGBTQ+ community, representatives of the community itself, who also have the necessary knowledge and skills, communicate. Assistance can be obtained both offline and online.

How to visit a psychologist and get a consultation?

Every person from the LGBTQ+ community, as well as communities vulnerable to HIV, can get a free psychological assistance from the “Paralegal Hub”. It is very easy to schedule an appointment with our psychologists:

For over 3 years, we have been developing national paralegal networks that operate throughout Ukraine, except for temporarily occupied territories. We started with creating the first network from scratch and worked with two networks (paralegal network for MSM/LGBTQ+ and paralegal network for adolescents affected by HIV/AIDS), and then shared this experience with all other key communities vulnerable to HIV.

In addition, our project team monitors human rights violations and conducts educational and awareness-raising activities.

More detailed information about paralegal networks can be found on our Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok pages:

Contact us if you have any questions or if your rights have been violated:

Coordinator of Paralegal Networks at the NGO “ALLIANCE.GLOBAL”:

Boris Grachov, email:

Paralegal Network Managers:

Yevhen Bilotskyi, tel .: +38 (050) 718 10 08, email:

Vitaliy Tanasiichuk, tel .: +38 (068) 421 63 77, email: