СhemSex party box (PartyBox)

The phenomenon of “СhemSex” in Ukraine has been around for a long time, but it was officially documented in 2017 when the organization “Alliance.Global” conducted the first research on this topic among MSM. Considering the long-standing stigma towards MSM from the general population, self-stigmatization, and the development of rave culture, the phenomenon of “СhemSex” is gaining momentum and spreading rapidly within the gay, bisexual, and other MSM communities.

Each client of the project who has completed the survey and meets the project criteria receives risk reduction counseling, assisted testing services for HIV, Syphilis, and a special harm reduction kit “PartyBox” (two deliveries per year for each client).

All necessary counseling can be obtained through online messengers, and HIV/Syphilis tests and the PartyBox kit can be obtained by mail at the project’s expense.

Information about the project’s existence is spread through Instagram, Telegram channels, and the information and educational resource www.gettest.com.ua where you can learn about the latest news and articles on the topic of “СhemSex”.

To apply for the PartyBox kit after preliminary screening and counseling, please use the registration on the website www.gettest.com.ua.