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Record Year of Assistance: ALLIANCE.GLOBAL Supported Nearly 25,000 LGBTIQ+ Ukrainians and Their Loved Ones in 2023

Vladyslav Fomin
Written by Vladyslav Fomin


ALLIANCE.GLOBAL – Safeguarding the Rights and Well-being of LGBTQI+ Communities in Ukraine During the War

PO “ALLIANCE.GLOBAL” is a national non-governmental public organisation that has been tirelessly working to improve the quality of life and health of LGBTQI+ people since 2002. We are proud that the organisation is established and led by the representatives of LGBTQI+ communities themselves, who understand the needs and challenges of their community like no one else.

The war has drastically changed the life of every Ukrainian, but marginalised groups, including LGBTQI+ people, have proved to be particularly vulnerable. Many have lost their homes, jobs, loved ones, and have been forced to move to safer regions of the country. Cases of domestic violence and discrimination have sharply increased. Under these extremely challenging conditions, ALLIANCE.GLOBAL has promptly and effectively restructured its activities to provide essential humanitarian needs to LGBTQI+ people affected by the war.

Unprecedented Scale of Assistance

As of the end of 2023, thanks to the tireless work of the ALLIANCE.GLOBAL team and the support of our partners, we have managed to help 24,275 LGBTQI+ people and their family members. In total, 27,595 various social, humanitarian, legal, psychological, and other services were provided during the year.

For comparison, 24,000 people is a third of the city of Bakhmut. Or a quarter of the population of Uzhhorod or Mukachevo. In other words, thanks to our work, we were able to support and improve the lives of an entire small town of LGBTQI+ Ukrainians and their loved ones!

In particular, over 9,800 individuals received financial assistance, more than 4,400 received food vouchers or packages, and 3,300 received hygiene products. 169 people found a new home in our shelters in 5 cities across the country. Almost 900 LGBTQI+ people received the psychological support that is so essential now, and another 82 individuals received vital medical consultations.

We are proud that we were able to provide as many as 4,562 paralegal and legal consultations, as the protection of LGBTQI+ rights is one of the key areas of ALLIANCE.GLOBAL’s work.

We would like to separately highlight the large-scale informational and educational work: a total of 565 various group events were held in community centres and shelters throughout Ukraine.

Focus on the East

Given the greatest security risks and the scale of destruction, we made special efforts to support LGBTQI+ people in the eastern regions.

In Kharkiv, which experienced heavy fighting, occupation of part of the region, and remains under constant shelling, we were able to assist almost a thousand people with food vouchers or packages, and over 750 people with hygiene products. In addition, our shelter for LGBTQI+ people began operating in the city in September 2023.

In Dnipro, which has effectively become a frontline city and a kind of hub, ALLIANCE.GLOBAL provided food to over a thousand LGBTQI+ people, and hygiene items to another 670 individuals. Importantly, 666 people were able to receive legal assistance. The shelter in Dnipro accommodated 37 LGBTQI+ people.

Invisible but So Essential Work

We would like to highlight the areas of ALLIANCE.GLOBAL’s activities that are not so noticeable at first glance, but are extremely necessary in wartime conditions.

This includes psychological support and counselling, which hundreds of people have received. After all, mental health care is one of the challenges of wartime.

These are the advanced training and retraining courses that we organise for LGBTQI+ people who have lost their jobs or wish to acquire new skills. This is an investment in the future of our community. In total, 150 people have already used this service.

It also includes paying for vital medicines and medical consultations for the most socially vulnerable LGBTQI+ community members.

We continue to fight for the rights of LGBTQI+ people, even under martial law. In particular, we are working to prevent hate crimes, gender-based and domestic violence, and to achieve legal recognition of same-sex couples in Ukraine.

Together, – Towards Victory and Equality!

Despite all the challenges and limitations of wartime, ALLIANCE.GLOBAL has been able to significantly increase the scale of its work and reach thousands of LGBTQI+ Ukrainians throughout the country with support. This has been made possible thanks to the concerted work of our team, the trust of the community, and the support of Ukrainian and international donors.

We continue to work tirelessly, as there are still many challenges and tasks ahead. But we believe that, together with you, we will overcome all difficulties. Because together we are moving towards two decisive victories – Ukraine’s victory in the war with Russia and the victory of Ukrainian LGBTQI+ communities in the fight for equality and dignity.

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