The Ambassador of Great Britain visited the office of NGO “ALLIANCE.GLOBAL” in Dnipro

On February 1, the NGO “ALLIANCE.GLOBAL” in Dnipro. Dnipro had the honor of receiving the Ambassador of the United Kingdom, Mr. Martin Harris, at the office of our organization.

Without exaggeration, this is a historic event, as we were the first LGBTQI+ organization in Ukraine that he visited. We showed him our office, where we work to provide various services to support and protect the LGBTQI+ community.

Our staff told him about the history of the organization and the programs we implement. The ambassador personally familiarized himself with our work by visiting the shelter and talking to our beneficiaries. This gave him the opportunity to better understand the specific needs and challenges faced by the LGBTQI+ community in Ukraine.

Discussing the impact of the war on the LGBTQI+ community proved to be extremely important. The Ambassador expressed his readiness to actively assist in solving these problems and to promote the development of specific initiatives.

The issue of equal rights and protection of vulnerable groups in the context of the conflict is defined as a key aspect of cooperation between the UK and Ukraine.

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