Meeting of the working groups on prevention and detection

During the joint meeting of the working groups on prevention and detection was held on 6 March in the Альянс громадського здоров’я Alliance for Public Health as part of writing the national application for the Global Fund for 2018-20, the participants have continued determination of the main and additional interventions for drug users and fully examined provision of medical and social services for sex workers, MSM and transgender people.

We have contributed of Substitution Therapy Patients in a separate drug users’ subgroup, have considered the possibility of using rapid tests for tuberculosis, have identified the importance of providing services for members of key populations in rural areas, have considered the possibility conduct of diagnosis and vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV) for young MSM and the probability of sending by mail of outreach kits for hard to reach MSM representatives, have determined a number of specific services for transgender people, the possibility of institutionalization of services for sex workers, increasing the range of services for prisoners, including MSM who are in penal institutions.







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