New steps on the way of writing a new national application to the Global Fund for 2018-20

“Brainstorming” in the Мережа ЛЖВ Network of PLWH, on 07 March, under the thematic LGBT subgroup for writing a new national application to the Global Fund for 2018-20. The work was hard but productive. Was determined activities of LGBT community and movement, and predictive outcomes in the following main areas:

– Development a system of events in response to HIV;
– Legalization of same-sex partnerships
– The creation of an umbrella structure and to strengthen of sustainable development and opportunities for the LGBT community on the principles of consolidation, coordination, visibility, initiative, based on the interests of the community and the high capacity of the community;
– Established cooperation with subjects of decision presence and availability of channel influence to the political and budget process;
– Creating of the favorable legal environment for increasing the visibility of LGBT people in society and the removal of “social tension” by LGBT themes, including the public health;
– Creating and development of safe spaces for LGBT community;
– Development the systems of supporting environment for the LGBT community;
– Increase of public commitment to the LGBT people.

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