The Platform of Key Communities was held in Kyiv, where priority development directions were adopted

On 21-23 June held a meeting the Platform of key communities on title “Ensuring meaningful participation of key populations in the implementation of the transition plan in Ukraine and monitor this process ” which was attended by representatives of four communities: people living with drug addiction (PLDA) , sex workers, MSM and former prisoners.

The first day was devoted to the practical implementation of the Strategy for ensuring a sustainable response to the TB and HIV/AIDS epidemic for the period up to 2020, to review of the new Ukraine’s application to the GF, as well as the work in groups.

On the second day during the discussion and “brainstorming” by the participants were identified 5 priority areas of work on which will continue to operate the Platform, including:
1). Representation of communities at the national and local coordination mechanisms.
2). Advocacy access to services at the national level. Interaction and strengthening of cooperation with the National Center of Public Health the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
3). Budget advocacy at the local level, including work with local council deputies and the service quality assessment.
4). System of training the representatives of key communities.
5). Overcoming stigma and discrimination towards the representatives of key groups.

During the third day of work, the participants of the National Platform of Key Communities have presented the Platform to the stakeholders and potential donors (Renaissance Foundation, Alliance for Public Health, Network of PLHIV, USAID, UNICEF, Netherlands Embassy, UNDP, etc.), have received a feedback from them and willingness to support various Platform’s activities.


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