ALLIANCE.GLOBAL went to the Equality March in Kharkiv

Written by Lexx

Alliance.Global, Spectrum Kharkiv and team organized a joint column and took part in the March for Human Rights within KharkivPride, which took place today in Kharkiv City, Ukraine
Organizations that are part of the National MSM Consortium #MSM_PRO Alliance.Global / Alliance.Global Kharkiv and Spectrum Kharkiv took part at the second Pride March in the history of Kharkiv City, as part of the #KharkivPride events.
According to the organizers of the event, the requirements of KharkivPride are:
– Proper investigation of hate crimes;
– Equal access to state institutions;.
– Inclusive education without bullying.
According to organizers, up to 3,000 people took part at the march. The march started at 12:00 and lasted until 14:00. And this was the longest Pride in the history of Ukraine. The event started from the Derzhprom metro station and ended near the Botanical Garden metro station, the route of which was 2.5 km.
The area where the column was formed was surrounded by police. They used a hand-held metal detector to check for prohibited items among those wishing to join the March. On both sides of the column, law enforcement officers walked and police buses rode, not allowing outsiders to approach the marchers.
At the beginning of the march there was a small incident when an aggressive man started shouting homophobic slogans and tried to snatch the rainbow flag. But law enforcement officers pushed him away from the column.
On the day of the event, the team of the Network of Paralegals has organized a crisis room and directly monitored and could provide primary legal assistance in case of violation of rights. At the end of the march, no violations were recorded, and that’s very good!
Special thanks to Vasyl Malikov for organizing our column and to everyone who came out and supported #KharkivPride!

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