ALLIANCE.GLOBAL went to the Equality March in Kyiv

ALLIANCE.GLOBAL and about 30 other organizations and groups marched in organized columns at the KyivPride Equality March this Sunday in Kyiv
Last Sunday, on 19 September, in Kyiv was held the Equality March, organized by the KyivPride. According to the organizers, up to 7000 people from different corners of Ukraine and, in particular, about 30 non-governmental organizations joined the march. The procession took a route from the National Opera House to Lev Tolstoy Square.
Alliance.Global and team has organized a column “ALLIANCE.GLOBAL” which include about 35 people, from members, activists and representatives of the LGBTI+ community, as well as heterosexual people, parents with their children and representatives of other friendly communities, who were in full solidarity with the demands of Pride. The team supported the the “Platform of Queens” this year – a separate platform with bright and unique travesty artists, who also took an active part in the March.

This year’s slogans were: “Our Tradition is Freedom”, “We Must Vaccinate Against Discrimination”, “Human Rights Above All”, “Rebel, Love, Don’t Give Up Your Rights”. The main political slogan of the Pride was a demand for the speedy enactment of legislation on hate crimes against LGBT+ and other groups suffering from violence.

Overall, not including the assembly time, the event was over in about 40 minutes. All participants and attendees left the event safely at the end of the march, going down to the closed «Ploshcha L’va Tolstoho» metro station.
According to the Network of Paralegals / Мережі параюристів, who officially monitored the Pride and monitored the actions of opponents, this year there was no offense against the participants of the March, and other events within the #KyivPride. Thanks to the coordinated work of the organizers and law enforcement, all participants were able to safely express their demands to the authorities, in the form of a peaceful protest. Not without minor provocations. Thus, one of the columns was tried to stop by the scandalous activist Rita Sakhalinska, who lay down on the way in front of our column to stop the march. The participants were promptly regrouped.

In conclusion, we have a positive trend that Marches are becoming safer every year, and more and more people, celebrities and politicians are joining them. In particular, the success of this action reflects the political will of the Ukrainian authorities, which is moving towards to the LGBT+ community. Alliance.Global and the team of the National MSM Consortium #MSM_PRO hope to continue cooperation and adopt the necessary legislative initiatives as soon as possible.
Everything will be Pride!

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