Day of fight against HIV/AIDS. ALLIANCE.GLOBAL has been protecting health for 20 years

Written by Lexx

Today is December 1, World AIDS Day.

We at ALLIANCE.GLOBAL know a lot about HIV. What does he “breathe” when he “sleeps” and how to “detect” him.
Someday there will be a “weapon” against him, and we will be the first to get it. Today, the weapon is Prevention.
For more than twenty years of our “watch”, we have perfected the ability to contain the virus and prevent it.

We developed to find the virus and return its carriers to their normal life, for just one pill a day.
We created partybox_ukraine to warn those who are “on fire” about it and to prevent them from “burning”.

And finally, we invented the resource @prepcomua to kill the virus that entered the blood of a non-carrier with a 99.99% probability. This is our most perfect weapon, because it allows us to win without a fight. We love it, enjoy it and strive to popularize it. Every year we work to stop the epidemic and here are some of our useful resources for you every day:

For convenient registration for testing, use the resource
For additional protection and peace of mind, use PrEP – we have very fast delivery.

And if you are in Kyiv and this article inspired you to test himself, without an appointment and in a great atmosphere, then from 18:00 our team will test for HIV for free at the squat17 (17B Tereshchenkovska Street, Kyiv).

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