MSM/LGBTQ+ community and shelters for MSM and transgender people in Kyiv/Dnipro Cities need your help during Emergency Situation in Ukraine

In the context of a full-scale war with Russia and Belarus, which has resulted in civilian casualties and a humanitarian crisis, the MSM/LGBTI+ community, along with other citizens, are daily exposed to risks to their lives and health. Therefore, in view of the difficult situation, the community is leaving the areas of active hostilities en masse and seeking refuge in Western Ukraine and abroad, in Europe.

Despite the threatening situation, our shelters for MSM and trans* people in Kyiv and Dnipro Cities, who find themselves in a difficult situation, are working. Our remaining staff in Kyiv are doing their best to ensure a decent and comfortable stay for shelter seekers, but we have almost exhausted all our resources.

In addition, we cooperate with local LGBTQ+ activists, help with housing and accommodation of LGBTQ+ refugees in the cities of Western Ukraine (primarily Lviv, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Uzhhorod), and provide comprehensive social consultations on community rights in conditions of wartimes and the possibility of going abroad.

Due to logistical problems and the inability to receive financial assistance from our projects, we are now spending our own money on urgent needs, including food, medicine, warm clothes and bed linen, transport to safe regions and to the shelter, personal hygiene items, mobile communication and internet for community.

We also desperately need financial assistance for those LGBTI+ refugees who go to Western Ukraine (or are already there) and who go to the border with the EU or Moldova.

You can help us by transferring any amount in euros, US dollars or using cryptocurrency.

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