In Zhitomir was held training “Basic notions about stigma and discrimination in medical institutions”

On 15 September in Zhytomyr was held an the event “Basic notions about stigma and discrimination in medical institutions” for LGBT representatives.

The training was consist by two modules and the materials has been provided by Eurasian Coalition on Male Health – ECOM within the program “Together for Our Rights” within the “Coordinated, strategic, and resolute: MSM and transgender networks united” project implemented by Alliance.Global and carried by Max Telec and Andrii Bogoslavets

Due the training, students received information about their right to health and their rights in medical institutions. Studied the the cases of stigma and discrimination in medical institutions and how exactly discrimination occurs in the medical field. Participants got the practice of what to do and where to call in case of stigma and discrimination situations.

Those who attended the training learned about other features of stigmatization in the medical field, as well as political correctness and social tolerance.

Throughout the training, there were lively discussions on stigma, discrimination and tolerance. The participants considered the clear examples and precedents , as well as a vision of overcoming barriers to access to medical services.

We would like to thanks all the participants and people who made this training possible: Elena German  Roman Marchenko  Andrii Chernyshev  Maxim Kasianczuk  Yuri Yoursky

In near future, similar trainings will be held in Kiev, Kharkov, Poltava and the Dnipro.

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